Responsive Web Design

The year 2012 has certainly been the year of the mobile. The mobile penetration continues to increase and more so the reach of smart phones has come to about 50% of all the mobile phones. Now, with this the use of data services has also been increasing which means that web access and application access on mobile phones is on the rise. Typically to address these users, businesses have been developing a separate mobile version of their websites.

Responsive web designing changes the game. So if you are in the processed designing a new website, might we suggest taking the route of responsive web design, why… you ask? Well… Instead of designing separate websites for specific dimensions, you’re able to serve both your mobile users and your desktop users with one website and a uniform user experience. With responsive designing, your website’s layout will automatically adjust to the dimensions of the browsers and the devices used to open the webpages. Not to forget, in addition to the uniformity, this approach can help in getting a better search engine optimization (hyperlink to SEO section) response since the traffic is not being split between different website versions and sometime around June, Google also released that they would give preference to sites with responsive designs.

So, with that thought parked with you… it will be a good idea to think about your website designing project and even better to not forget giving us a call.