Methodology (flexibility and agility for the dynamic and digital )

A wild guess about how many websites and web technology based applications are being built today…? No one has the number, but we can assure you that it runs into millions and millions for sure. There has been an explosion of new technologies and new demands from websites, web based applications and more recently from mobile applications. The project development and management methodologies that worked about 10 years ago don’t work any more, but you will still see a lot of web development companies working on the same stiff and fragile development models even now and struggling.

For us the baseline had always been to adopt and improvise a development methodology that is flexible, agile and adaptable to the vast array of services that we deliver to different businesses in various industry verticals. The bottom line is to work in way that delivers results cost effectively and efficiently for us and for the client. So from working on a website design and development project, to building a portal, to working on a web application development project or mobile application development we make sure that the we follow an approach that allows us to work fast and work efficiently and doesn’t create processes that are redundant or unwanted leading to wastage of time, resources and costs.

So, we like to be agile… and hence always wish to endorse a new age agile web development process that can be applied to a wider type of projects with minimal implementation issues. There is lot that can be read about it on the internet and all you have to do is google the word and voila!! But having said that its important to mention that we follow are very own cocktail of development processes and methodologies and not typically match up to the text book version.

Cut out the red tape and cut down on the endless back and forth of emails, unwanted meetings or going after scheduling of meetings rather get the entire team together and make them sit down and thrash out all issues, clarifications and next steps and encourage a more interactive and proactive client servicing approach that looks at more meaningful client engagement and not just a way to fill out time sheets with little to be discussed or shared that can be constructive to the project at hand.

There are steps and processes that we follow as well and the infographic shared on the page does give some insight on what have talked about here and we hope to be the ones that can bring all this to the table when we sign up for a project with you… we are waiting to hear from you