Web Application Development Services

Big corporations, multinational companies, even medium and large scale organizations have vast expanse with respect to employees, partners, and multi-location operations. All this puts a lot of pressure on creating and maintaining effective communication channels within the organization and outside engagement with its partners, supply and sales network. So this creates demands on having systems in place that can enable this connection within the organization and outside for people to find information, share and connect.

Working with the top corporations in their respective verticals, has given us the opportunity to build corporate portal solutions, HR portals and other types of corporate portals that have delivered results with respect to creating the right platform and bridging the information divide

We would like to categorize our web application development services in the corporate applications space or rather the corporate portal development space as follows:

Social Engagement Portal

Portal for employees to engage by creating a social environment for them to interact about everything else but work, believe us…. It works

  • Social Wall – put posts, short messages, like and comment on other employee posts
  • Movie Reviews – watched a new movie recently… share it with others
  • City Talks – discuss and share about new eating joints, weekend activities and all the fun elements
  • Classifieds – have something to sell or want to buy something from another peer at the office, publish on the classified section and get it done

Official Information Portal

It’s the key reason or rather one of the main demands of corporate portal developments is to create a system for centralized sharing for official information

  • Awards and Recognitions – Share updates with all employees about awards and awardees, instant recognition across the web application development company
  • Movements – any new addition to the company, lateral or vertical movements for personnel, login and know about it all
  • Company announcements – announce at one place and let all know
  • Leadership Shares – a place where the key leadership can interact directly with the rest of the company by posting about various key initiatives, blog posts

Policy Manuals Portal

A central repository for all policy documents, and other information related to processes, rules and regulations

  • Policies – See through a structured view of different categories and then view all the relevant policies
  • Forms – need to fill up a form, they are all made available online, just select download, fill up and submit
  • Manuals – any documents, manuals, guides all made available
  • User Rights – keep a check on who can see what and control their rights to access and download files

Business Partner Portal

An online extranet environment where the web application development company’s sales and service partners can engage and communicate with the company

  • Documents and Product Manuals – For product servicing and sales
  • Videos and tutorials – to help with product training and servicing
  • Evaluation – a platform to evaluate partner performance through online tests, quizzes

Corporate Campus Portal

A dedicated portal for training, project performance mapping and evaluation of new Joinees in the company

  • Project mapping – Activities to be done by the Mgmt Trainee or the Engg. Trainee for the next one year
  • Mentors – assigning project and training mentors to these Trainees
  • Guides – Unit heads, who be approached and interacted with via the portal
  • Buddies – a platform to interact with fellow trainees
  • Knowledge Diary – maintain an online diary of learnings through each phase of training
  • Project evaluation and reporting

Inside Sales Portal

Employee referral and incentive portal

  • Generate discount coupons
  • Coupon redemption tracking
  • Scoring incentive points for referrals
  • Mapping to gifts and employee recognitions for generating business for the company

Custom Portal Development

With extensive expertise in web application development of various corporate portal solutions, Al-Beacon is confidently positioned to develop any customized work flow based or not corporate portal solution