CMS – The technology powerhouse

It is the content management system developed by neuronimbus that powers all our dynamic websites made for different institutions. The CMS is specifically designed to address the needs of an education institution’s website administrator who otherwise find it difficult to manage the website on a daily basis.

It empowers to institution to take control of their website, in the manner they see fit without even having a technical person in house. The highly customizable nature of the system also enables it to accommodate any specific module, functionality needed by the institution

Its ability to integrate with any database and exchange data across platforms makes it ideal for managing online and offline data management pertaining to the website

Edu newsgram – The institution’s communication carrier

Edu newsgram is a powerful communication tool that can be used by any institution to conduct effective communication with students, website visitors, parents and guardians. It has many facets with respect to areas where it can be put to use.

Edu newsgram can be designed to send out periodical electronic magazines to people who wish to subscribe to it through the website, It can be used to send information, notices, circulars to students or parents. It can be used as a medium to distribute information to students on their performances and results

Site Search – your personal search engine for your website

Using different methods of data storage and indexing, we can make a huge website become small or having everything made available on the same page. With a combination of a drop down quick search and a free text search that can search for any text that you type, we address the needs of visitors who know what they are searching for and for those also who are not so sure where to start.

With new addition of content on the site, the site search makes the new content also searchable by indexing the new pages and the content in the internal search engine database

Students arcade – the place for students and parents on the website

An important part of the complete suite of functionalities, this module provides student specific information that can be accessed by the student or his parents or guardians, thus becoming the default section to go when looking for individual related information. A module that can be used by the institution to share information about the student with the student and their parents.

A password protected area that provides the right level of privacy. The information to be shared with the students or their parents or guardians can be in the form of

  • Exam results
  • Class teacher notes
  • Student specific notices
  • Announcements
  • Circulars
  • Feedback mechanism for parents or students to write back
  • Access to other relevant website links which can be other wise not available to the general visitors of the website

Facility to chat with the webmaster or the institution administrator online for quick redressal of any issues

Students Alumni – a place to network and interact

Student alumni is an integral part of any institution and we understand this well enough to offer a very useful module that takes into account all major aspects of interactions needed for a useful online presence for the institution alumni.

Any old student on the institution will be able to register on the website through a validation process which is carried out offline

The alumni can interact with the other pass outs through an online message board or a customized communication channel

A searchable database of batch mates and see their current details. Details of events associated to the alumni and a photo gallery

Facility for the institution to interact with alumni. Password protected to maintain privacy and have only the registered users access the section

Events Gallery – the co-curricular junction

The section where information about upcoming events can be published and details of the events in the past can be shared supported by complete photo galleries and video clippings

Announcement Center – the online public address system

Any and all information that has to be either published on the website or needs to be streamed out electronically can be managed through this module. The module is designed to handle any type of announcements, circulars and notices

Chat Center – the online Q&A

In order to have more close interaction with the outside community and also with the parents, guardians and students, a simple and effective online chat facility can help online visitors to have quick responses and also enable the institution to fix up scheduled chat sessions in a one to one or one to many environments

Message Board – the best way to share

A module focused more towards one to one interactions for the alumni can also be used for the mainstream institution website through restricted access for putting up the electronic versions of the information that is normally displayed on the message boards of the institution walls.

Custom Development – what you want is what we make

We understand that each institution is somewhat unique in the way it operates and works. Every institution works on a unique ideology and objectives and there can be requirements and features that are institution specific and they may not have been part of the details that we have shared with you above. To take care of this very aspect, we have a dedicated team of designers and developers who are capable of taking on any custom development, be it integration with existing applications or third party products or custom design job, we can handle any such requirement by proposing the best technical solution and making it work with the rest of modules, effortlessly.